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Of Good Nature

Of Good Nature is in the lounge tonight, bringing a funky, Reggae Valentine’s Day celebration to couples and singles alike!

Mardi Gras Festival

Last night’s Mardi Gras festivities were bacchanalian. Join us this evening for something quieter and more intimate. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Go Shawty, it’s your birthday…

Happy 17th Birthday to Rapture! Wow…

“Meeeee-mories…light the corners of my mind…”

A lot of memories between these walls for a lot of people….

Dude N Bitch or David Lee Archer

Charlottesville, a word of (unsolicited) advice: if you have a chance to see Dude N Bitch or David Lee Archer & the Reckless Bastards, do yourself a favor and GO. Their sets here at Rapture last night were easily among the best I’ve seen in any venue around in recent months. They flowed gracefully from bluesy country ballads to jumping early Horton Heat-esque psychobilly to downright nasty cowpunk with such deftness and utter conviction that it was almost impossible to look away. Their command of the stage, their command of the material, the selection of covers and the quality of the originals, the tone of guitar and the slapping groove of the upright bass: all impeccable. As Alex Terpilowski said of singer Jenn Rhubright’s (aka “Bitch”) performance as he showed my is amply tattooed arm: “I can’t remember the last time I got goose bumps from someone’s singing voice.” Though another guest perhaps best summed up the consensus in the room when he grabbed me roughly and growled: “BOOK THEM AGAIN!!” in a manner that didn’t brook disagreement. No that I would disagree. The small turnout was easily counterbalanced by the gushing praise by those did make it out and by the sense that we were all in the presence not just of a group of extremely talented individuals, but of that rarest of things: a really, really kickass rock n roll band.